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Ciao Earning

30 May 2009 0 comments

Long time i have not to posting in here, because i have more blog. My other blog is Tips Blog, PTC Box, Free Download, Belajar Dalam Blog, Amazon Secret, Free Advertiser (pasang iklan gratis) and more.

In May 20,2009 i open my paypal account and i find the payment from ciao. Its payment of withdrawl on April. Its not to big Payment i earn just $25.95 (twenty five dollar and ninety five cent). But i am say sorry because i have not snapshot it.

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Most Popular Ciao Review

20 April 2009 0 comments

Hi Bro, i have an trick to make money with Ciao. This trick on review, you must have a good review. For example car, phones, internet provider, and other. But you dont know what the popular review who pay more dollar for you. Do you want to know ?? Please to

In this season most popular review who can give dollar is :
1. Windows vista "ultimate" review.
2. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 review.
3. Microsoft office 2007 "Ultimate" review.
4. T-Mobile G1 Review.
5. I-Pod ouch 8 GB review.

I hope you can make review about them for make money. Cheers...
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14 April 2009 0 comments

You are still hard at ciao login? there are new tricks to log in to ciao.
1. Open your internet browser is recommended to use mozilla
2. Type www.translate.google.com
3. After residing in the page type in the area www.ciao.com translate.
4. translate in indonesia to english language.

5. And click the translate button. Then you will be immediately directed to a page ciao.
6. Click on the login menu.
7. Enter your Id and password then you will go to member area.


Kind to Rate, Comment my review and do not forget I also COT. Thanks

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07 April 2009 0 comments

Ok buddy, you will up your CIAO rangking with exchange of Circle Of Trust (COT)with your partner.
How to give COT:
- Make sure you are in the member area.
- Open your profile friend.
- You will see the menu to the right, which is located at the bottom of the "search" menu says "Actions of the users" then you will see "add to my circle of trust".

- Click the button, and you have to add in your friend list Cot.

give me a rate, comment and Cot. Remember my ID "bins". thanks
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How to give a review on the rate of your friend:
- Make sure you are in your member area.
- Open your profile friend who will give you rate and comment on your friend's review.
- Open a review of your friends will love you rate.
- After You open the page appears as follows.

- Click ranking rate you give to your friend (off topic, not helpful, somewhat helpful, helpful, very helpful, and expecional)
- After you click you have to give a review on the rate of your friends (make sure you see the right ID you have to give a review on the rate).

survivors struggle, do not forget you rate me on the id "bins"
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03 April 2009 0 comments

I have so tired in my school scedule, a private study of english. But i dont care about it, now i connect my internet and watch video "crish angel the magician". its amazing video. What you comment about a video like this :
Video 1

video 2

Video 3

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Ciao Has Problem To Login

29 March 2009 0 comments

Wow, Ciao have any problem, his have to maintenance a server. Ciao has problem with login area, 3 Day already have problems in login to the member area, this is a lot of confusion and a member of sorts. From the many questions and gabble about the member login area to ciao I find tricks without having to login via the form / login area to have.

This is actually how many people may be able to do so, try to add someone / comment on another member (I can also = bins), the command will appear to login to the member area. Its easy, is now fill Your ID and password.

After that you will be taken into your member area, To check if you on member area you must go to corner right of web browser, and you match MYCIAO.

congratulations, good luck in ciao.

Add my CIAO

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